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Peppinos Premis Sladoled

      Loved the Ice cream here so much that I came back a second time for one! The flavour variety is great and the ice cream itself is really delicious! I recommend the Rafaello flavour if you like coconut and white chocolate, it was definitely my...More

    thumb Beth-Natalie11

      We went there with high expectations based on the Tripadvisor reviews but we were a bit dissapointed, the ice creams we had (mango, berry and strawberry) had a very pronounced artificial taste and they also tasted very "sugary". Perhaps a matter of taste given the...More

    thumb frederikd2013

      This place is just amazing - went a few times, not as good as Italian Gelato but it is Damn close...Not expensive and it just goes to show how good it is when there is a queue outside waiting to get in. Try the Ferrero...More

    thumb SeanC1586

      Expect a long line up for this place. Enjoyed the pistachio flavor, but lots of other good options. Good find!

    thumb Vanessatamar

      I would highly recommend this place for anyone visiting the Old Town of Dubrovnik and looking for a good ice cream. Having travelled through the entire cost of Croatia - myself and my partner agree that this was the best ice cream we had (we...More

    thumb Jamie M

      We’d walked past a number of times after seeing Peppino’s recommended online and joined the queue on our last day. The choice of flavours was great; all a bit over the top / gourmet although there were some more ordinary flavours on offer. I think...More

    thumb KRISANDAMY18

      The best ice cream ever!!!! I loved it, everything was very nice, The flavor, the texture 😋😋😋 no words to describe this experience....

    thumb Yadigohe

      Amazing selection of creative flavours. Busy spot. Most places Dont charge an extra 2 kuna for a cone though.

    thumb JetsetPaul

      I'm big fan of sweet so I wanted to try some good ice cream. Kinder and hazelnut-my personal recommendation. Ice cream is creamy, rich texture and i liked i got extra cookie. It would be better if portion was bigger but that's question of taste.

    thumb remoV1988

      I expect a really good ice cream and it was really expensive. They weren’t friendly and the scoops were small. You can find better places.

    thumb Traveler292351

      Great ice cream and super friendly! Received a very lovely little note that went with it! We came here twice over our stay and would definitely return if we found ourselves in dubrovnik again

    thumb RJTraveller1994

      Don't be fooled by the beauty of the pictures you'll find on Instagram. Peppino's Ice cream is Not ice cream, it feels more like whipped cream, over sugary, and tastes completely artificial - cannot even distinguish one flavour to other. After reading all the reviews...More

    thumb corichi89

      The best ice cream on a hot Dubrovnik day can be deffinetely found at Peppino’s. I strongly recommend the pistachio premium and the coconut raspberry premium. The Game of Thrones special flavour (dark chocolate and rum) is also very good.

    thumb alexandrairinasandu

      If you like “real” ice cream without tons of sugar you need visit this place. For me this is best ice cream in Dubrovnik 👍

    thumb Celic300

      At first we didn't want to go there because we had a 5 y/o child with us and the place was crowded, but then we layed eyes on those ice-creams and let me tell you - oh my God. Never have I ever tryed such...More

    thumb cvjjetkovic

      We went there with high expectations based on the Tripadvisor reviews but we were a bit dissapointed, the ice creams we had (mango, berry and strawberry) had a very pronounced artificial taste and they also tasted very "sugary". Perhaps a matter of taste given the...More

    thumb Frederik D

      This place has THE best ice cream in town. So many flavors to choose from. Interesting flavors not boring stuff. And they all taste so good.

    thumb Jeret90

      Every other ice cream was a disappointment after Peppino's, so we just kept coming back. It was both beautiful and delicious. So delicious!

    thumb Chelsey G

      Beautifully presented in very clean and smart surroundings. The selection of ice cream is very good, but you only have one type of sorbet, at least during my visit, which is Mango 🥭 you can only pay cash.

    thumb 255marthapatriciad

      For the price of their standard flavours, you'd be better off elsewhere (gossip). HOWEVER, their premium flavours are divine and worth the extra 2 kuna. We had the snickers and it was absolutely amazing. Good size scoops as well.

    thumb Rupert P

      The lemon pie ice cream is the most delicious ice cream we’ve ever had. Went here twice during our vacation!

    thumb Natetj

      Good icecream. I am not sure, but I think the ice cream is vegan. The location is in one of the back streets but at times there was quite a queue outside

    thumb UmarAliKhan

      We stayed in Dubrovnik for 7 days and whent to this Ice cream shop 2 times. Both times we ran into a horribly rude staff member, blonde and about 40 years old. She yelled at us for not being on one side of the shop...More

    thumb AshamaraDulles

      There are lots of ice cream shops on the Main Street of Old Town. Step off the Main Street for the best ice cream. I had the Jaffa and the Apricot and Honey. Both were delicious. My husband loved the pistachio. It’s only a couple...More

    thumb Lobby62

      We walked by this afternoon and saw people leaving the store with big ice cream cones. We decided to stop by after dinner for dessert. The line was long but it moved quickly. Apparently it moves quickly because they give you tiny scoops. I ordered...More

    thumb elgee10

      The ice cream here is beautiful to look at and the staff is polite, my pistachio was great but in some flavours my family had there was ice in it. Not impressive.

    thumb Antonia L

      Not sure about all the rave reviews, or maybe my taste in ice cream is different. I ordered a pistachio cone. Didn't love the texture and the flavour was just ok.

    thumb berroberry

      The ice creams are excellent, especially jaffa cake, chocolate/banana and hazelnut. Pay attention, you have to pay only in cash and in kuna.

    thumb Isabelle Q

      I am absolutely crazy about pistachio ice cream. This is the best in the world. The secret? The addition of pistachio crema. It is absolutely amazing. I returned almost every day (I was in Dubrovnik for three weeks). I tried some other flavors, too, and...More

    thumb F8651HXdominiqueb

      Very honestly, I have thought about this gelato many times since first visiting it multiple times a year ago, and was so happy to be back to have some more! Delicious flavours. Unfortunately they don't let you have half/half i.e. 2 flavours in a small,...which Gossip on Stradun does let you do and is also very delicious, so this time I only came twice versus every day haha More

    thumb pho3nixxxx

      This is the best ice cream in Dubrovnik. I went there for several times during my stay. I highly recomment the poppy seeds flavor 🙂

    thumb Carla_00J

      We tried 6 different flavours in 3 days and had 5 excellent ones (hazelnut, Rafaello, snickers, pistachio and tiramisu) with only the mango being disappointing. Pistachio was the best I ever tasted, with delicious pistachio cream inside, this was divine. Damn, I really miss that...More

    thumb TheGreenExplorer

      When my husband says that.. it really means something. Lol! The premium range (16k per scoop and 2k extra for a waffle cone) is heavenly! We tried a few but the pistachio one was the best!!! You couldn’t taste the usual tonic like essence in...More

    thumb 526snehag

      good ice-cream, but bad service ! unlike other shops in town, they do not accept half and half ice-cream... All other shops were willing to put one portion, 2 kinds of ice-cream, but not this shop. Not cheap, I try once and then went many...More

    thumb Shlomi T

      What a treat to find this small ice cream store just round the corner from our apartment in old town Dubrovnik. If you are walking down the Stradun they are one street over to the right, near the end. They have a good range of...ice cream my favorite was the amazing Tiramisu, it just melted in my mouth. They sell thier ice cream in edible cones and paper tubs, so you can eat and walk. TIP: There is nothing like a really decadent treat on a hot day. If you found this review informative please check the box below. Thank you, the world is yours to explore, go safe. More

    thumb Michael B

      I'm a bit surprised by the high ratings for this ice cream. I tried the wild berry ice cream, and the consistency was the equivalent of non-premium packaged ice cream in the USA. Dulce Vida, maybe 100 meters away, sells a much better, much creamer...More

    thumb Dave R

      We are gelato lovers but maan...this one at PEPPINO’S in old town Dubrovnik really kicked everyone else’s ass! We bought pistachio and hazelnut flavours and oh my god they were amazing! Small chunks of pistachio and hazel nut inside, suuper creamy and smooth... what can...More

    thumb mateimmm

      From the get go , made eye contact with one of the girls, and was greeted with a beautiful smile, and got great service. The ice cream had two categories, one reg and other was premium! When I tell you it was good , trust...More

    thumb Curious744278

      You can not pay with euros, and let’s say this is ok, but they don’t accept credit cards and it is not written at the entrace. So we ordered 2 ice creams, thinking that we can pay by credit card, and they told us that...More

    thumb alexandraa672

      Great stop for dessert/ice cream as they have many wonderful flavors to choose from, if you can't decide they have a ice cream wheel of fortune spin and try your luck on ice cream flavor! Small little shop inside the city walls/fort always a queue...More

    thumb waikit83