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Peppinos Premis Sladoled

      Incredible. We visited every day of our holiday to try as many flavours as we could. Friendly service, can’t wait to come back for more.

    thumb Hifraunk

      I am absolutely crazy about pistachio ice cream. This is the best in the world. The secret? The addition of pistachio crema. It is absolutely amazing. I returned almost every day (I was in Dubrovnik for three weeks). I tried some other flavors, too, and...More

    thumb F8651HXdominiqueb

      There is so many flavours!! One which I was amazed with was Raffaello...oh my god! It was sooooo good!!! We also tried the pistacho, vanilla and Ferrero! All so delicious!!

    thumb MissRSanchez

      We tried a few different ice cream shops in Croatia and this is by far the best. I tried to eat a scoop at least once a day. Every flavor was great. The pistachio was amazing. It's 16 kuna for a scoop, and most folks...leave the other 4 as tip. In other cities (Split, Zagreb), you can get a scoop for 10 kuna. But whatever, you are on vacation and this ice cream is truly spectacular. 🙂 More

    thumb PRTOGA

      The lemon pie ice cream is the most delicious ice cream we’ve ever had. Went here twice during our vacation!

    thumb Natetj

      Never had to pay extra for a “premium” flavour or for a cone!!!! Go to the ice cream shop on the Stradun; much more tasty, more reasonably priced and huge scoops!

    thumb eclhall

      I'm big fan of sweet so I wanted to try some good ice cream. Kinder and hazelnut-my personal recommendation. Ice cream is creamy, rich texture and i liked i got extra cookie. It would be better if portion was bigger but that's question of taste.

    thumb remoV1988

      The best ice cream in the city! Believe me, we went through a lot of them. Try their premium ice creams. Especially the pistachio. Wow! We went back for one more!

    thumb CityMini

      Between my friend and I we tried 4 flavors here and all were fabulous. The best was the raspberry coconut but the snickers was also amazing. Put all other ice cream to Dubrovnik to shame and was a bright spot in this overly expensive city.

    thumb 99gray

      During a recent trip to Croatia my husband and I became regulars having at least one ice cream a day! Great choice, interesting flavours ( particular favourites sachet, apricot and honey, mint/choc)and amazing tastes. Prices were comparable to other places around in old town.

    thumb ripo5

      Premium flavors are very nice with the ganache swirls. The Pistachio and coffee flavors were good but could have been more intense. We’ve had some amazing pistachio ice cream in Greece and this seemed a bit too subtle in comparison!

    thumb Stacey S

      Best gelato in old town. Creamy. Italian version compare to others that is pre made ice cream. Expect lines during tourist season but totally worth. Staff lets you try samples. Loved the Ferraro Roche. Other flavors are great as well. They only accept KUNAS!!!!!

    thumb rollytmd

      One of the only ice cream shops that have actual pistachio ice cream. It’s not like the fake mint green ones you find at almost every other ice cream shop, it’s real!! Tastes great fast service and great serving size.

    thumb Pecan30

      The gelato here was more creamy and delicious than an gelato I have ever had. Beats out Italy, Prague, France, Montenegro- beats out ever other place I have experienced in Croatia! Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime gelato experience!!! Best Hazelnut ever!...More

    thumb Anne-Marie K

      Do not pass this place up! We had gelato in many spots during our travels in Croatia and this was much better than all the rest. Unique flavors, beautifully presented with free cone cookies to top off your selection. We had the Ferrari Rocher and...More

    thumb 246travelers

      We had Gelato there every day we were I'm Dubrovnik! The quality of ingredients is truly amazing, as everything we tried was spectacular! They definitely can call themselves the best place in Dubrovnik because, they truly are! An absolute must do while wondering around this...beautiful city! More

    thumb SteveRainville99

      Had to queue but it was worth the wait! Great selection of flavours, I had the pistachio and hazelnut, delicious. Would definitely go back!

    thumb EmGenn

      We went there with high expectations based on the Tripadvisor reviews but we were a bit dissapointed, the ice creams we had (mango, berry and strawberry) had a very pronounced artificial taste and they also tasted very "sugary". Perhaps a matter of taste given the...More

    thumb frederikd2013

      This place is awesome! The snickers tasted exactly like snickers, the chocolate was delicious, and the consistency was really great. Two scoops was 28Kn, which is more expensive than some places, but totally worth it!

    thumb Liz J

      we tired 6 kinds of ice cream here. all the ice creams are amazing. they have many nice secletion. plz try one of nice ice cream here!!!

    thumb 상준 이

      This was our first visit to a michelin star restaurant. And boy were we happy 🙂 Start to finish the experience was amazing. Sole fact that you are dining on the old city walls is enough. We took two different tasting menus, with cocktails to...More

    thumb rajkok

      I had to return every day for the most delicious hazelnut ice-cream I have EVER tasted anywhere in the world - including Italy!! We stumbled upon this Ice- cream shop while walking the streets of Old Dubrovnik- just looking for an ice-cream to cool off...More

    thumb NativeNewYorker711

      If you love Ferrero Rocher, you have to try Peppino's version. It was good I went back twice more and would have gone again if time allowed. The other flavours I had were also delicious.

    thumb Sierraneil

      One of the best ice cream I've tasted, I've tried the Apple pie and Ferrero ones. Friend was also very impressed, he tried the pistachio.

    thumb oaxoh

      I have told so many friends and family about their gelato. We ate here everyday of our 4 day trip! Lots of flavours to choose from and portions are large. Tried pistachio, tiramisu which were both delicious but the raffaello was to die for!! Some...More

    thumb CHannah172

      Lot of (about 15) ice creams and sorbets to choose from, the sorbets are vegan / milk free. Some extras available (chocolate, nuts...). Price is higher, but ok for the location. The staff was very kind.

    thumb jakubeli

      Peppino’s was recommended to us by a number of people and it did not disappoint! There is a good variety of flavours, waffle cones and good portions! It was amazing! I had Ferrero Rocher and my husband had snickers they we both DELISH! Peppino’s a...More

    thumb SAH2305

      Very honestly, I have thought about this gelato many times since first visiting it multiple times a year ago, and was so happy to be back to have some more! Delicious flavours. Unfortunately they don't let you have half/half i.e. 2 flavours in a small,...which Gossip on Stradun does let you do and is also very delicious, so this time I only came twice versus every day haha More

    thumb pho3nixxxx

      I would highly recommend this place for anyone visiting the Old Town of Dubrovnik and looking for a good ice cream. Having travelled through the entire cost of Croatia - myself and my partner agree that this was the best ice cream we had (we...More

    thumb Jamie M

      We went here twice and both times the ice cream was amazing! Nice location down one of the streets, good price also! The Jaffa Cake ice cream is to die for!

    thumb jamieak97

      This place is just amazing - went a few times, not as good as Italian Gelato but it is Damn close...Not expensive and it just goes to show how good it is when there is a queue outside waiting to get in. Try the Ferrero...More

    thumb SeanC1586

      A nice gelato both creamy and tasty. The staff were pleasant, the shop was clean and tidy and they had a large variety on show and to choose from. Based on our experience, we would return back and we would recommend.

    thumb tripsandfood55

      The best ever Icecream is at this place in old town Dubrovnik. Whilst staying there we were able to try many of the flavours and they were all absolutely delicious! They also look so enticing with all of the beautiful flavours echoed in the elaborate...More

    thumb Janine W

      PXrobably the most delicious gelato place ever. Holy smokes this place was good. It came recommended from our tour guide in Dubrovnik and she legitimately sent us to the best place ever. Whoa! I was so impressed. The gelato is multilayered. The bottom is the velvety gelato...More

    thumb Alicia C

      If you like “real” ice cream without tons of sugar you need visit this place. For me this is best ice cream in Dubrovnik 👍

    thumb Celic300

      There are 2 price categories but amazingl choices whatever you go for. The quality is really high. You are guaranteed a great ice cream here.

    thumb dughall

      Couldn’t describe how good is the ice cream!! I like the biscuit cone as it’s crunchy and light. Unlike the other wafer based cone. My personal favourite is Schwarzwaltz- it’s like Black Forrest in ice cream version! It’s so good that I had two cones...More

    thumb ELTan86

      Amazing flavours I’ve not seen before and so many things in them, toppings etc. I had the Rafaello Ferrera (the white coconut Ferrero Rocher) and my boyfriend had Schwarzwald (Black Forest gateau). Absolutely sublime. You only need one scoop as the portions are big and...More

    thumb BlueHawaiian144

      All looks nice and well presented, but too high price for what you get, very sweet and too creamy..not real fresh ice but artificial taste probably because of the amount of sugar / whipped cream / syrup...

    thumb MeindertZ

      Yummy ice cream. AMAZING pistachio but if you don’t have too much of a sweet tooth, try to get more ice cream rather than the pistachio paste on top as that is very, very sweet.

    thumb gourmet797