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Peppinos Premis Sladoled

      You don't have to be a detective to find this ice cream shop (take-away only) as there is usually a large queue forming outside it's doors. It wasn't our first visit and won't be our last should we return to Dubrovnik! Lovely creamy ice cream...More

    thumb Rantinrover

      This was definitely the best ice cream we had in Dubrovnik. First day we made a mistake and tried one on Stradun, but it was really bad, all tasted the same. With Peppino’s there was no mistake. Haselnut ice cream had whole haselnuts, Kinder had...More

    thumb Jabuka20

      During a recent trip to Croatia my husband and I became regulars having at least one ice cream a day! Great choice, interesting flavours ( particular favourites sachet, apricot and honey, mint/choc)and amazing tastes. Prices were comparable to other places around in old town.

    thumb ripo5

      We visited when there was a heatwave... so we had Peppino's every afternoon for all 3 days we stay in Dubrovnik. The best gelato you can find in town. Worth every calorie. Lots of different flavours to suit every tastebud. My personal favourite was the...More

    thumb photo_AC

      This place is just amazing - went a few times, not as good as Italian Gelato but it is Damn close...Not expensive and it just goes to show how good it is when there is a queue outside waiting to get in. Try the Ferrero...More

    thumb SeanC1586

      Went here based on the ratings of trip advisor. As noted by others, they do offer the chance to taste first and had a large selection of ice creams available. Had a tub of three flavours and were all nice. Only give four stars as...More

    thumb 959darrens

      We tried three places in Old Town and this was hands down THE BEST. A local had recommended it and I am so glad we asked. My husband preferred Dolce Vita (their gelato has a little more "fluff" and creaminess to it. I liked that...More

    thumb afriemel

      we tired 6 kinds of ice cream here. all the ice creams are amazing. they have many nice secletion. plz try one of nice ice cream here!!!

    thumb 상준 이

      I price checked ice cream places around Dubrovnik and they were all comparable. Peppino's seemed to be the most popular as there were always lines. They have a ton of flavors, and premium ones that cost a bit more. I can't remember what flavors I...More

    thumb BZimm08

      Having been advised to come here and taking the reviews into account, our first flurry into gelato land on this trip was to Peppinos! It’s that good we never went anywhere else on our trip (6/7 days we were here, 7th day we were out...More

    thumb udontsavethose

      nice selection of gelatos. all were nice which I tried. I've been to 3 different ice cream shop. this one is the best!!!

    thumb Heymi L

      A gem while walking around the old town. Near a renovated palace (bombed December 1991). Too many flavors to choose from but I picked premium pistachio.... it had caramel and light cake added. 2 euros for a small cup.

    thumb lakwatsera2014

      Best ice cream in town!! Lots of flavours to choose from and excellent value and quality. Toffee and hazelnut premium flavour was my favourite 🙂 Queue is worth waiting for!

    thumb Zoe P

      I have to share dairy free places like this, especially in hot places like Dubrovnik! So many didn't have any dairy or gluten free options, we only found this one so it's a gem. Delicious icecream / sorbet

    thumb moniqueb451

      Decent gelato (tried Vanilla, Chocolate, Toffee+Caramel+Hazelnut & Schwarzwaltz) and was one of the better places in Dubrovnik (obviously didn't compare with Italy though!). The Toffee+Caramel+Hazelnut wasn't as sickly sweet as I expected which was good. Was cash-only and cost was reasonable for Dubrovnik.

    thumb Tai_Figter

      One of the only ice cream shops that have actual pistachio ice cream. It’s not like the fake mint green ones you find at almost every other ice cream shop, it’s real!! Tastes great fast service and great serving size.

    thumb Pecan30

      There is so many flavours!! One which I was amazed with was Raffaello...oh my god! It was sooooo good!!! We also tried the pistacho, vanilla and Ferrero! All so delicious!!

    thumb MissRSanchez

      At first we didn't want to go there because we had a 5 y/o child with us and the place was crowded, but then we layed eyes on those ice-creams and let me tell you - oh my God. Never have I ever tryed such...More

    thumb cvjjetkovic

      I expect a really good ice cream and it was really expensive. They weren’t friendly and the scoops were small. You can find better places.

    thumb Traveler292351

      While wondering around the old city I saw multiple gelato places all with similar prices but Peppino's has better flavor and unique flavor combinations. I highly recommend this place in your next visit to Dubrovnik.

    thumb Globe_adventures

      This is the best ice cream in Dubrovnik. I went there for several times during my stay. I highly recomment the poppy seeds flavor 🙂

    thumb Carla_00J

      This place has THE best ice cream in town. So many flavors to choose from. Interesting flavors not boring stuff. And they all taste so good.

    thumb Jeret90

      We’d walked past a number of times after seeing Peppino’s recommended online and joined the queue on our last day. The choice of flavours was great; all a bit over the top / gourmet although there were some more ordinary flavours on offer. I think...More

    thumb KRISANDAMY18

      We tried 6 different flavours in 3 days and had 5 excellent ones (hazelnut, Rafaello, snickers, pistachio and tiramisu) with only the mango being disappointing. Pistachio was the best I ever tasted, with delicious pistachio cream inside, this was divine. Damn, I really miss that...More

    thumb TheGreenExplorer

      good ice-cream, but bad service ! unlike other shops in town, they do not accept half and half ice-cream... All other shops were willing to put one portion, 2 kinds of ice-cream, but not this shop. Not cheap, I try once and then went many...More

    thumb Shlomi T

      A wide range of ice creams including the Game of Thrones flavour complete with the iron throne on top. The jaffa cake flavour was amazing. We went around midday and it was quiet however at around 9pm we passed the shop on our way back...More

    thumb cjordanne

      Went to a couple of ice cream parlours in Dubrovnik and this was by far my favourite. They are happy for you to try a flavour before buying and really generous portions - definitely value for money! Would definitely go back.

    thumb jessrackham

      The ice creams are excellent, especially jaffa cake, chocolate/banana and hazelnut. Pay attention, you have to pay only in cash and in kuna.

    thumb Isabelle Q

      Do not pass this place up! We had gelato in many spots during our travels in Croatia and this was much better than all the rest. Unique flavors, beautifully presented with free cone cookies to top off your selection. We had the Ferrari Rocher and...More

    thumb 246travelers

      Excellent ice cream shop. Good choice of standard and premium flavours, without the premium prices charged on the main drag. Pleasant staff.

    thumb neverheardofhim

      All looks nice and well presented, but too high price for what you get, very sweet and too creamy..not real fresh ice but artificial taste probably because of the amount of sugar / whipped cream / syrup...

    thumb MeindertZ

      I had this every night (5 nights) whilst in Dubrovnik. My favourite flavour was the kinder surprise! So tasty and worth every cent.

    thumb tasha5588

      Ice cream heaven!!! There are so many flavours to choose from, you just have to keep coming back for more. I can recommend; Chocolate Tiramisu Chocobanana Pistachio Schwartzwald

    thumb DisaOS

      Never had to pay extra for a “premium” flavour or for a cone!!!! Go to the ice cream shop on the Stradun; much more tasty, more reasonably priced and huge scoops!

    thumb eclhall

      I had tried a few flavours and one of my favourites would be the kinder flavour. The gelato bar also offers less common flavours with interesting names (also known as the "premium" flavours at a slightly higher price i.e. 16 croatian kuna). I had tried...More

    thumb hello_there10

      Overheard a tour guide say 'this is the best ice-cream in Dubrovnik'. She was wrong! I had one flavour of ice cream (Rafellero Premium) which was nice but the fake 'waffle' cone let the whole thing down. It was covered in a revolting cheap chocolate...More

    thumb lbuck21044

      Not sure about all the rave reviews, or maybe my taste in ice cream is different. I ordered a pistachio cone. Didn't love the texture and the flavour was just ok.

    thumb berroberry

      Amazing flavours I’ve not seen before and so many things in them, toppings etc. I had the Rafaello Ferrera (the white coconut Ferrero Rocher) and my boyfriend had Schwarzwald (Black Forest gateau). Absolutely sublime. You only need one scoop as the portions are big and...More

    thumb BlueHawaiian144

      A Peppino a day kept us well treated throughout a two week stay in Dubrovnik! We tried plenty of flavours: Pistacchio Premium (*); Ferrero Rocher Premium; Coffee Premium (*); Yogoberry Premium; Tiramisu; Kinder Premium; Jaffa Cake (*); Toffee Caramel Hazelnut Premium (*); Salted Peanut (*);...More

    thumb S1m0nJW

      The lemon pie ice cream is the most delicious ice cream we’ve ever had. Went here twice during our vacation!

    thumb Natetj